CSA: Community Supported Agriculture

**We have a limited number of shares available in 2019. We are offering a 22-week vegetable share and an 18-week cut flower share. Details including price, pick-up locations, and more can be found by clicking “Learn More” below.**

 CSA stands for "Community Supported Agriculture,” and is essentially a season-long farm membership. CSAs have been in existence for decades, and have grown in popularity in the last ten years or so. The concept has evolved and there are now many different styles of CSA.

The original concept of a CSA involved community members paying a pre-determined price in the winter to receive a weekly “share” of vegetables from a farmer for the duration of a season. The share contained an assortment of vegetables grown by that farmer. Members understood that farming was a risky and somewhat unpredictable venture, and that their membership allowed the farmer to have some degree of stability as well as capital to work with at the start of the season. It was important to the members that someone in their local community was willing to farm and provide high quality food to their neighbors.

There are many benefits to the CSA member as well as the farmer. Members know their farmer, as well as where and how their food is grown. They eat a weekly supply of vegetables that were picked at the peak of freshness, which means those vegetables have better flavor and more nutrition. In a world where there are so many decisions to be made, the CSA offers convenience in that the farmer is providing an assortment of their best vegetables in season, pre-packed in a box each week. Members also get the chance to learn more about local food, seasonality, farming, and home cooking.

After 2 seasons of running our farm, we are happy to offer our first CSA shares in 2019. We have both vegetable and flower shares available. If you would like to learn more about the specifics of our CSA, simply click the button below to see a copy of our Membership Agreement Form. If you are interested in joining our CSA, email us at info@aldebaranfarm.com.